Four Summer Road Trips You Won’t Want to Skip

Now is the season to take advantage of America’s beautiful landscapes and cities with one of those summer road trips you’ve been putting off for far too long. All of us here at Gossett Hyundai South have spent our fair share of time on the road, so let us make a few suggestions to get you headed in the right direction for summer fun:

 summer road trips

  1. Head south to New Orleans for music, mystery, and an undeniably good time. The city is always alive with spur-of-the-moment parades or live outdoor jazz performances, not to mention that the surrounding landscapes and wildlife are just as unforgettable.
  2. Journey up to Michigan’s lake country and camp out under the stars or get cozy in one of the many bed and breakfasts. You’ll certainly forget you’re in the Midwest when you’re cruising down mile after mile of lakefront freeways.
  3. Now just might be the time to finally make your way to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. While you’re there, you may as well check out one or two of the dozens of incredible natural wonders in the region, like Devil’s Tower in Wyoming or a sunset in Badlands National Park.
  4. Now for the most classic of all these summer road trips: take your sweet time crossing the country, stopping at all the roadside attractions you can, until you make it to California’s gorgeous coastline. First things first: step right out of your driving shoes and wade into the Pacific Ocean. Now that is satisfaction!

Have You Seen Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad?

Anyone who’s had a loved one in the military knows that when soldiers are away, there are some dates that might make them particularly homesick. These include holidays, birthdays, and even the Super Bowl, a time when families often spend the day together. This year, several key figures made it possible for a few soldiers at a U.S. Military Base in Zagan, Poland, to enjoy the Super Bowl with their families from afar. This thoughtful, tear-jerking project turned into the 2017 Hyundai Super Bowl ad, a 90-second spot that aired right after the game.

The experience was just as surprising to viewers as it was to the soldiers involved. Sgt. Richard Morrill, SPC Erik Guerrero, and Cpl. Trista Strauch were all chosen to watch the Super Bowl from within an immersive, 360 degree pod. The pod would make it feel as though each person was sitting in a seat in Hyundai’s box at NRG Stadium. This is as much as the soldiers knew. What they didn’t know was that their families would be in the box watching the game with them, broadcasted live to the pod.

The commercial was directed by Peter Berg (Lone Survivor). The team shot the commercial during the first quarter when the soldiers first noticed that their families were there. The rest of the game was spent editing and getting approval from the Department of Defense, the NFL, Fox, and Hyundai, with just enough time to air it for viewers at the end of an exciting game. The looks of surprise, love, and affection that crossed the soldiers’ faces left viewers across the country—even us at Gossett Hyundai South— breathless with appreciation for such a complex, thoughtful spot.

Holiday Traditions to Try with Your Family

family on Christmas - Memphis, TN

What traditions does your family partake in?

Many families have their own set of holiday traditions that are significant, but if your family doesn’t have specific things they do around the holidays, never fear. We’ve put together a list of some of the best holiday traditions from Buzzfeed. Choose one of these great ideas and start a new family tradition this year.

Gamble a bit. Host a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament each holiday season and play for cookies or pretzels. This is a great way to spend time with the family, while also getting slightly competitive while you try to get the most cookies.

Exchange holiday-themed pajamas. Start a Christmas Eve tradition of exchanging holiday-themed pajamas among your family. Make sure everyone wears them to sleep that night to really get into the holiday spirit. Choose pajamas that might be a bit embarrassing or are truly hilarious to make it an even better tradition.

Have a cookie-baking extravaganza. Gather in your grandparents’ or parents’ kitchen with the whole family—young and old—to make tons of cookies. Have fun decorating the cookies and spending time with one another. Also, don’t forget to taste test each batch. You wouldn’t want all those warm cookies just out of the oven to go to waste, after all.

Ideas for the Best Thanksgiving Desserts

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Gossett Hyundai South!

When you think about Thanksgiving desserts, the traditional pumpkin pie probably comes to mind. But, there are countless other desserts that are just as festive and delicious. Here are some of the best Thanksgiving desserts you should add to your menu this year.

  • Fried Apple Hand Pies. If you’re frying your turkey this year, use the oil again to create these perfect-sized apple pies. These would be great for kids, too since they eliminate some of the mess inherent to traditional pies.
  • Baked apples. Remove the cores and bake these apples whole with lots of aromatic spices. Serve them warm with some ice cream to create the perfect treat.
  • Chocolate-Toffee Pecan Tart. The traditional pecan pie gets a makeover with a chocolate crust. Your guests will be coming back for seconds.
  • Whoopie Pumpkin Pies. These cream-filled cookies take a fall twist with a pumpkin-flavored filling.
  • Upside-Down Pear Cranberry Tart. This sweet dessert combines some traditional fall flavors for an alternative to apple pie.
  • Pumpkin Spice Cake with Chocolate Pecan Filling. You can never go wrong with cake, and everything is right with this one. With pumpkin, chocolate, and pecans, it is a perfect fall cake for Thanksgiving.

Which desserts are you planning to make for Thanksgiving?

Fun November Events in Memphis, Tennessee

holiday lightsLooking for November events in Memphis? We have what you’re looking for! Memphis is one of the most popular tourist cities in the US, and that means there’s always something exciting and unique to do.

The Indie Memphis Film Festival kicks off the first week of the month with 150 independent films. The festival just announced the full lineup, so check it out!

The Graceland Lighting Ceremony also takes place in November. Every year at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, officials and celebrity guests hold a ceremony, at the end of which they pull a lever and light up all the Christmas lights that have been strung across the grounds. John Stamos was there two years ago!

If you’re a comic book fan, you won’t want to miss the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, which will take place on the weekend of November 18th to 20th. Enjoy the gaming, concerts, and awesome industry guests!

Shelby Farms Park and the Memphis Botanic Garden both start their Christmas events in November, so use the early chance to see the Starry Nights lights exhibit and the Snowy Nights event, where even in Memphis your children can play in snow!

Whether you want to get into the Christmas spirit or just have fun at an event celebrating a medium you love, Memphis has something fun for you to do this November!

Fall Activities in Memphis for Your Family

ElephantMemphis, Tennessee is home to dozens of spectacular activities that can easily fill a long weekend. It’s never too early to start planning, so here are a few ideas for activities in Memphis from us here at Gossett Hyundai South.

  • Memphis Zoo – The Memphis Zoo is home to thousands of animals that range from birds to fish. Mammals, like the pandas, are some of the zoo’s most popular exhibits. The zoo holds special events and exhibits regularly, so everyone can stop by to see something out of the ordinary. In addition to normal exhibits, the zoo also holds animal shows and rides. Keep your kids captivated with a trip to the Memphis Zoo!
  • Mud Island River ParkMud Island River Park is a five-block river model designed to teach visitors and locals alike about life on the Mississippi River. Most visitors spend anywhere from four to 12 hours at the park, which means it’s perfect for an all-day activity. The place offers scenic views of the river and downtown Memphis as well as access to the Mississippi Museum.
  • Graceland – The home of Elvis Presley is one of the most popular destinations in Memphis, and for good reason. See the King’s humble beginnings to his rise to becoming a superstar. Check out how he lived and see his own personal mementos. Sitting on 14 acres, the Graceland Mansion is one of the most famous homes in the United States.

2016 Live at the Gardens Lineup Includes REO Speedwagon

concertRelaxing on the lawn under the stars amid the Memphis Botanic Gardens…If there is a better way to experience a rock-n-roll concert, let us know!

The Live At The Garden concert series has been going strong for 15 years. It’s a recipe that works:  the curators bring in only the most top-notch acts for an evening of outdoor music. Past acts include such diverse chart-toppers as The Goo Goo Dolls, Hall and Oates, Darius Rucker, and ZZ Top.

So far this year, the 2016 Live at the Garden lineup has included Heart and Gregg Allman. But the best show of the year has yet to come….

REO Speedwagon is slated to make an appearance at the Gardens on August 25th. For those of you living under a rock, this group has sold over 40 million records to date. They are responsible for such hits as the “Keep on Lovin’ You,” “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” and the rock-n-roll barn burner “Riding the Storm Out.” Bring your dancing shoes—this show is going to rock!

3 Great Offbeat Attractions in Tennessee

lakeWant to make a memorable road trip this summer? Whether you just naturally like to travel the road less traveled or you have seen all of the mainstream attractions, check out these offbeat attractions in Tennessee.

Lost Sea – Sweetwater

Nothing makes memories like sailing the crystalline waters of an underground lake. In Sweetwater, you can hike 3/4 of a mile down into a beautiful cavern to find the Lost Sea. The lake covers about four acres, has yet to be fully explored by divers, and features giant fish.

The Secret City – Oak Ridge

The Manhattan Project was set in Oak Ridge back during WWII. Scientists there built the world’s first nuclear weapons. There were a lot of people involved in the project, numbering 70,000 at its peak. Nowadays, Oak Ridge is like a lot of other towns but there are remnants of that historical endeavor everywhere if you just know where to look. Good thing there are guided tours!

The Evil Dead Cabin – Morristown

Are you into zombie flicks and trespassing? If so, the cabin used in the filming of the original Evil Dead is actually still standing. Unfortunately, it’s private property. But maybe you could take it in from a nearby grassy knoll. Bring your binoculars.

These destinations may be unusual, but one thing they are not is boring!

Robocop Realities: The Wearable Robot by Hyundai Evokes Hollywood

These days, technology is evolving so fast that stories of science fiction becoming real-life are almost banal. But the latest tech innovation from Hyundai is a truly astounding invention with a host of potential applications. And it will probably remind you of all sorts of classic films…

Hyundai calls it a wearable robot. It’s a mechanical exoskeleton, designed to be worn by a person to give them strength and mobility.

Granted, the suit is ugly and intimidating in its current form, but its uses are almost endless. For instance, it could enable senior citizens and people with various disabilities. It could also be used in factories. The suit could also be employed as an aid in restoring physical ability to those who have been injured.

Of course, for anyone who has seen Robocop, Iron Man, or The Matrix Revolutions, by far the coolest application for the wearable robot by Hyundai could be for law enforcement or military soldiers.

Cool Outdoor Winter Sports to Celebrate the Snow

skiingThe groundhog may not have seen his shadow, thus indicating an early spring this year. However, winter isn’t over yet, and there is still plenty of time to take part in some wonderful winter activities outdoors as suggested by Family Fun Education While there’s still snow on the ground and a chill in the air, you can take part in these “cool” outdoor winter sports.


Skiing down a slope isn’t all that hard once you master the basic fundamentals of the activity. Just be sure to remember, “Pizza, then French Fries”, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a good time!


For another slope-based winter activity, try your hand at snowboarding. It takes a lot of practice, but once you get snowboarding down to an art, you’ll be able to perform some incredible mid-air tricks!

Ice Skating

Few activities are more indicative of this time of the year than ice skating. Whether you are just starting out or wowing everyone around you with your balance and coordination, ice skating is a fun activity that brings people together during winter.  All you need is your friends, a frozen lake, and a pair of skates!