Hyundai Wins Big in AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Hyundai won four categories in the 2018 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Hyundai won four categories in the 2018 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, taking the title of Most Satisfying Popular Brand and seeing the Sonata, Elantra, and Accent coming out on top of their respective segments. AutoPacific’s president, George Peterson, lauded Hyundai for its continual improvement and resonance with customers through quality design and reliability.

“With so many different brands for customers to choose from, Hyundai is proud to stand out as a leader in the mid-size car, compact car and economy car categories and as the overall winner of the VSA’s Most Satisfying Popular Brand award,” said Omar Rivera, director, Quality and Service Engineering, Hyundai Motor America.

“Hyundai is committed to satisfying consumers’ needs—whether that be through cutting-edge technology or award-winning safety features—and we are extremely excited by the results of this year’s VSAs,” Rivera added

AutoPacific based the 2018 VSAs on survey results taken from 58,000 individuals who own a 2017 or 2018 model-year vehicle. Respondents rank 40 different considerations made when purchasing a new vehicle, and the results inform brand and individual vehicle awards. Because of their numerous upgrades and improvements, the 2018 Sonata, Elantra, and Accent outranked the competition in their respective classes by appealing to drivers more.

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Hyundai In-Car Payment System Developed for Added Convenience

The new Hyundai in-car payment system is designed to make shopping easier for Hyundai owners

Hyundai is working with Xevo and other brands to develop an in-car payment system that is aimed at making your life easier. This system will allow drivers to find and pay for gas at select Chevron and Texaco stations, order Applebee’s® To Go, and find and pay for parking with ParkWhiz.

Digital Connectivity

How does it work? According to Hyundai, the system uses connectivity services and a Hyundai Digital Wallet payment platform to securely access services like those mentioned above. The digital wallet platform uses a secure processing system to help you check out from the comfort of the driver’s seat.  While the services you can access are currently limited, Hyundai hopes to expand them in the near future.

“Combining Xevo’s innovative Market solution and our artificial intelligence, car, cloud, and mobile expertise with Hyundai’s Blue Link technology makes it possible for Hyundai to offer consumers a secure, convenient way to connect with their favorite brands and make payments while in the car,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo.

More Tech Concepts

The new technologies were showcased at TU-Automotive Detroit in early June. Hyundai is also experimenting with usage-based insurance to offer savings, which Hyundai Motor America Senior Group Manager of Vehicle Technology Planning Cason Grover says will provide both savings and convenience to customers.

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Summer Tire Care Essentials

Get the best summer tire care tips to keep you rolling this season from Gossett Hyundai South

Summer tire care is essential for those who want to reduce wear, extend tire life, and improve fuel economy. Tire pressure changes based on a range of factors, including temperature. That’s why it’s especially important to check your tires when the seasons change, as summer months tend to affect tires significantly.

Check Your Pressure

According to Michelin, tire pressure increases 1 psi with every 10-degree increase in temperature (and vice versa in cold weather). That means that if you haven’t checked your tires since the winter, or perhaps earlier, your tires could be over-inflated. Naturally, tires can lose pressure over time from sheer use, so be sure to check pressure if you haven’t already.

Check Your Treads

What else can you do? It’s also a good time to do a visual inspection. Look for any uneven wear, cracking, or bulges—these can all indicate that you may need new tires. You can also test the tread by flipping a penny upside down and placing it in the middle of the tread. If you can see above Abe Lincoln’s head, you should replace the tires.

As you’re checking the tire pressure and tread, it’s also an opportunity to remove any debris or stones that may be stuck in the tread. You can also have a professional rotate the tires to more equally distribute the wear.

If you want to be truly positive that your tires are ready to meet to road, there’s no better way than to bring your vehicle into Gossett Hyundai South for a professional inspection.