Four Summer Road Trips You Won’t Want to Skip

Now is the season to take advantage of America’s beautiful landscapes and cities with one of those summer road trips you’ve been putting off for far too long. All of us here at Gossett Hyundai South have spent our fair share of time on the road, so let us make a few suggestions to get you headed in the right direction for summer fun:

 summer road trips

  1. Head south to New Orleans for music, mystery, and an undeniably good time. The city is always alive with spur-of-the-moment parades or live outdoor jazz performances, not to mention that the surrounding landscapes and wildlife are just as unforgettable.
  2. Journey up to Michigan’s lake country and camp out under the stars or get cozy in one of the many bed and breakfasts. You’ll certainly forget you’re in the Midwest when you’re cruising down mile after mile of lakefront freeways.
  3. Now just might be the time to finally make your way to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. While you’re there, you may as well check out one or two of the dozens of incredible natural wonders in the region, like Devil’s Tower in Wyoming or a sunset in Badlands National Park.
  4. Now for the most classic of all these summer road trips: take your sweet time crossing the country, stopping at all the roadside attractions you can, until you make it to California’s gorgeous coastline. First things first: step right out of your driving shoes and wade into the Pacific Ocean. Now that is satisfaction!

3 Great Offbeat Attractions in Tennessee

lakeWant to make a memorable road trip this summer? Whether you just naturally like to travel the road less traveled or you have seen all of the mainstream attractions, check out these offbeat attractions in Tennessee.

Lost Sea – Sweetwater

Nothing makes memories like sailing the crystalline waters of an underground lake. In Sweetwater, you can hike 3/4 of a mile down into a beautiful cavern to find the Lost Sea. The lake covers about four acres, has yet to be fully explored by divers, and features giant fish.

The Secret City – Oak Ridge

The Manhattan Project was set in Oak Ridge back during WWII. Scientists there built the world’s first nuclear weapons. There were a lot of people involved in the project, numbering 70,000 at its peak. Nowadays, Oak Ridge is like a lot of other towns but there are remnants of that historical endeavor everywhere if you just know where to look. Good thing there are guided tours!

The Evil Dead Cabin – Morristown

Are you into zombie flicks and trespassing? If so, the cabin used in the filming of the original Evil Dead is actually still standing. Unfortunately, it’s private property. But maybe you could take it in from a nearby grassy knoll. Bring your binoculars.

These destinations may be unusual, but one thing they are not is boring!